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Meet Lead Coach Rick Krebs at the Rick Krebs Golf Channel Academy. We are here to help you

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We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game. We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses - key areas where you are losing strokes.

To facilitate enhanced performance, we support you with focused coaching and training so that you can learn effectively; build skill and confidence that transfers in time onto the golf course. Learn more

The Simplest Equation

We all want to hit longer, straighter tee shots.          Extra distance is fun! But, don't forget about the short game.

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The Short and Long of Golf

Learning the game from "short to long" will give you more opportunities to make birdies and pars, and have a lot more fun and get RESULTS.

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Improve with Rick

Lead Coach Rick Krebs is here to help you hit more fairways, improve your short game and make more putts.

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All About Client Success

"I would not be where I am today without the help of Rick Krebs. He taught me that there was no perfect swing, and he tailored his teachings around what I did best, not around molding me into a set "classic swing". He stressed short game and the basic fundamentals as principles of success."  - Chris Wellde

"I found Rick to be very encouraging and surprisingly did not tell me I was a lost cause. From my first lesson I saw some improvement after practicing a few tips Rick had given me in our short time together. From that lesson I took a few more and continued to build on the areas he gave me to work on. From each lesson Rick emailed me a summary which I printed taped to the wall of my office. I would practice my grip, takeaway and all the fundamentals in my office at work. I decided in the subsequent years to play less and practice more. I saw the biggest improvement in my ball striking after a chipping lesson I received from Rick." - Aaron Thomas

"From the very first meeting with Rick I knew that I found the right person just by the way he connected with me and respected my desires. In the short number of meetings that we have had together Rick has helped me develop a more effective and consistent swing. I have seen my game go from scores of 114 down to 94 in just 4 months and the distance on each club has increased my 10 to 15 yards on each club." - Bill Jackson

We need your help. Most of you will know an ex-golfer. Someone who fell out of love with the game.
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If you’ve got children, or you’re lucky enough to have grand-children, and you haven’t done so already, introduce them to golf.
With a #7 Iron the right shaft can add up to 15 yards of carry distance.

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