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The Four Steps To Mastering The Game of Golf

Coaching your game through the steps to help you develop the skills necessary to play your best golf

The Four Steps To Mastering The Game of Golf“Benchmark” Interview.  Rick will interview you in order to achieve an in-depth understanding of your current skill level, potential and golfing goals.  With this initial “benchmarking” in place, he can construct a coaching program that will bring out the best in you as a golfer.


Performance Golf Lessons#1:  Understanding Cause & Effect (What's the Ball Doing and Why).  Rick will help you determine which skill or skills are costing you the most strokes, understanding what you're are doing wrong and what you need to do to improve.


The Four Steps To Golf#2: Supervised Practice (Practice with a Purpose and Practice with your Coach). RKG will provide practice times with repetition and accurate feedback.


#3:  Transfer Training (Taking your game to the Course). RKG will show you how to make your practice as much like real golf as you can. 


#4:  Playing the Game. Rick will be on the course with you to asses and observe you while playing and then help you learn the playing and mental skills needed to perform your best.

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